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List of Wild Mushrooms as Natural Untapped Treasures 1. Lactarius deliciosus EdibleL. sanguifuulus Edible 2. Russula brevipes Edible 3. Boletus edulis Edible, B. hoarkii Edible 4. Cantharallus cibarius Edible 5.Sparasis S Edible, S. radicata Edible 6. Hericium coralloides Edible 7. Trappeinda himalayansis Edible 8. Albatrellus cristatus Edible 9. Helvella crispa Edible, H. elastic Edible 10. Ramaria bitrytoides Edible 11. Hydnum repandum Edible 12. Volvariella bombycina Edible 13. Morchella angusticeps Edible & Medicinal M. deliciosa Edible & Medicinal M. esculenta Edible & Medicinal M. crassipes Edible & Medicinal M. conica Edible & Medicinal M. tibelica Edible & Medicinal 14. Cordyceps sinensis Edible & Medicinal 15. Termitomyces sp. Edible 16. Lycoperdon pusitum Medicinal 17. Rhizopogon spp. Edible 18 Ganoderma lucidum 19. Ramaria spp. Edible Human beings have been constantly searching for natural products that can improve biological functions and make people healthier, fitter, and to live longer. Wild mushrooms are one of the natural treasures with an established history of use as traditional food and medicinal benefits since antiquity. They comprise a very good untapped source of bioactive components and with the passage of time they have become attractive as a complete functional food. The ethnobotanical data gathered on these wild mushrooms reveal that these can be consumed directly in diet to promote health, having nutritional, medicinal and income benefits. Some well-known wild mushrooms are: Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps sinensis, Morchella sp., Halvella sp., Rusulla and Lactarius sp., etc. There is urgent need to unearth the vast treasure of wild mushrooms for their nutraceutical potential. Dr MOHAN MUSHROOM TRAINING Dr Mohan Mushroom offering following training programme ONE DAY TRAINING'S(Registration Fee--Rs-1000/-) 1) Oyster and Milky Mushroom Training 2)King Oyster Mushroom(Pleurotus eryngii)Training 2) Mushroom Post harvest and Processing Training 3)Mushroom Value Added Training 4) Coir pith Decomposition Training ONE DAY SPECIAL TRAINING(Registration FeeRs 1500/) 1) Medicinal Mushroom Ganorema lucidum Training 2)Mediclnal Mushroom Cordyceps militaris Training In all the above One Day Training only theoretical aspects will be covered . No hand on Training in all One Day programmes. FIVE DAYS TRAINING(Registration Fee-Rs-5000/-) 1) Oyster and Milky Mushroom Hand on Training 2) Mushroom Post harvest and Processing Hand on Training 3) Coir pith Decomposition Training 4) Mushroom Spawn Production Training In all Our Five Days Programmes all the activities will be covered in our Hi-Tech lab Practically. TWO DAYS TRAINING(Registration Fee-Rs-2500/-) Button Mushroom Training ( Only Theory) TRAINING KITS On Training day following Training kits will be provided to all Trainees 1-Book 2- Leaflets 3-Note book 4- Pen 5- Refreshment During Training STARTER PACKAGE Starter Package will be provided To all our Trainees on Concessinal rate Mushroom Spawn 2 Pkts ( Each 320 gms) Poly Bags 4 Nos Disinfectant 1 pkt All the above items will be provided @ Rs 50/- on request For further detail contact Dr Mohan Mushrooms(9487076366)
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