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List ofWorld top 10 poisonous mushrooms. Amanita muscaria(fly agaric) Pleurocybella porriges(Angel wing) Lepiota sp(Deadly Dapperling) Podostroma cornue-damae Conocybe filaris Cortinaris rubellas(Deadly webcap) Galleria marginata(Autumn skull cap) Gyromitra esculenta(False morel) Amanita(Destroying angels) Among 10 poisnous mushroom Amanita muscaria is an important one. Normally found in Pine and Pirch forest.The color of the cap is with dark red and white dots. The white dots may wash away due to heavy rain. The poisonous is due to the presence of compound Muscimol and Ibotenic acid. The quantity may varie with region to region and season to season . These two compounds are psychoactive compound with hallucinogenic effect. Spring and summer season mushroom may have 10 times more compound than other season.consuming less quantity cause hallucinogenation. Consuming 10 caps may cause death.siberian normally consuming this mushroom as their religious drink. Nausea, drowsiness, sweating and salvation are symptom of poisnous. Amanita phalloids(Death cap) To know more about Mushroom world Attend Mushroom Cultivation Training Mushroom Training Mushroom Seed Production Training Coirpith Decomposition Training Coco Peat Production Training Mushroom Processing Training Mushroom Value Added foodTraining and avail Mushroom consultancy service At Dr Mohan Mushrooms . Dr Mohan is a Top Leading Mushroom Consultant in Tamilnadu.Dr Mohan Mushrooms conducting Mushroom Training Mushroom Cultivation Training Mushroom Seed Production Training Mushroom Processing Training Mushroom Value Added Training Coirpith Decomposition Training Coco Peat Production Training and Mushroom Consultancy service In Tamilnadu Chennai Vellore Coimbatore Salem Erode Trichy Tanjure Madurai Nagercoil Tirunelveli Thoothukudi Dharmapuri Krishnagiri Hosur Kerala Trivandrum Kollam Cochin Ernakulam Palakad Calicut Karnataka Bengaluru Mysore Andhrapradesh Hyderabad Vishakapattinam and Vijayawada .Contact Dr Mohan Mushrooms forAll Your Mushroom Needs And Visit www. Dr Mohan Mushroom Producing huge amount of Oyster Mushroom and Milky Mushroom. Dr Mohan Mushroom Inviting Franchise To Open In Tamilnadu Kerala Karnataka And Telugana and Andhrapradesh In addition Dr mohan mushroom undertaking Turnkey mushroom projects and Turnkey Integrated Farming Structure Including Agriculture and Veterinary Projeccts we have Highly Qualified Agricultural And Veterinary Scientist we will Execute All Farm Structure with your fullest satisfactory level. We will Arrange Export Marketing Tieup also..Contact Dr Mohan mushrooms.
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