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Mushroom seed(spawn)production training in Tamilnadu Mushroom seeds(spawn) production training in Chennai Mushroom seed (spawn) production training in Coimbatore Mushroom seed (spawn) production training in Madurai Mushroom seed (spawn) production training in Salem
Importance of Mushroom Seed Mushroom Yield is Fully Depend Upon your Quality Of Mushroom Seed. First Stage Will Be Called As Base Seed/Base Spawn The Second Stage Will Be Called as Mother Seed/ Mother Spawn And The Third Stage Will be Called As Bed Seed/ Bed Spawn .While Considering TheCost Of Production The First two Stages are not Suitable For Mushroom Production The Third Stage only Suitable For Mushroom Production. That is Called First Generation Seed or F1 Seed . Many People are selling Second Generation and Third Generation Seeds. If you use this Seed your yield will be Affected Because These Seeds Are Avirulent. Our Dr Moan Mushroom Farm Supplying Premium Quality F1 Generation Seed Further Dr Mohan Mushrooms Conducting Mushroom Production Training and Mushroom Seed Production Training In Chennai Coimbatore Salem Trichy Madurai Nagercoil Tirunelveli Dharmapuri Trivandrum Kollam Cochin Ernakulam Palakad Calicut Bengaluru Hyderabad Vishakapattinam and Vijayawada Visit www. drmohanmushrooms.comb
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